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You know you want 
to live your passion
(Cause oh my goddess... that makes you feel so aligned, right?!)
...But sometimes it feels like the only way to get there is to push yourself.
(You end up losing connection with your sexy self and feel stuck, tired and overwhelmed.)
You know you have something big to share,
but can't seem to manifest it in a way that feels aligned...
  •  You continuously doubt yourself 
  •  You’d like to manifest your dreams, but get stuck and get seem to get things going… 
  •  You wonder if anyone really needs what you have to share
  •  You struggle staying present in the now, while going for your dreams 
  •  Procrastination has become your middle name
  • In an effort to go for your dreams, you’ve taken on a sense of masculinity, which makes you feel un-sexy, irritated and stressed
  •  You're continuously tired
  •  You know how to manifest money, but doing that with your passion feels totally impossible
  •  You wonder if you’ll ever be successful doing what you love…  
What if you could...
Create from a space of flow, balance and ease
Find the perfect balance between your masculine & feminine energies?
Live a life that has others ask “Wow girl, HOW do you do it…?”
Good news, gorgeous...
There’s a way to manifest your dreams and maintain a sense of balance, flow and ease.
Join the FREE 7 Day 
Live Your Passion Challenge
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7 Days. 1 Daily Exercise. 
A lifetime of inspired adventure.
Just imagine....
Spending every day doing what you love most

Living in calm, easy, guided alignment

Making a difference in hundreds of people's lives

Feeling deeply in touch with your intuition and feminine nature

Scaling your gifts to create an ever increasing flow of abundance

Being able to live anywhere, travel anywhere, and design your life exactly the way you want it
You can have it all, my love...
Welcome to...
a Life of Freedom, Flow, 
Adventure and Abundance
Join this challenge and learn: 
  •  What is your unique mission on this planet
  •  How to live it while staying true to your feminine nature
  •  How to make money doing it
The world needs you. 
Your dreams, your passion, 
your vision - aligned.

It's time 
to listen to that inner whisper.
Surrender to the deeper pull, 
towards everything you've 
always wanted...
Join the FREE Live Your Passion Challenge
7 Days. 1 Daily Exercise.
How does it work?
  •  Every day you’ll get an e-mail with a video with a guided exercise.
  •  After doing the exercise on your own, you can share your insights in the private FB group (totally optional). 
  •  All exercises are bite-sized and designed to fit into the daily flow of any PassionPreneur.
Here's what you'll get: 
  •  1 Daily Inspiring Video 
  •  1 Daily Deepening Exercise 
  •  Free Access to Our Private FB Group with Live Videos & Support 
  •  Invaluable connections with other inspiring creators around the world
Our Mission
Our mission is to empower women to step up and live a life true to her deepest desiresWe believe that unleashing the potential of passionate women onto our planet will generate instant peace, infinite abundance and a deeply rich, satisfied and very sexy world. 
About Ronja & Leonie
Leonie Gabriella & Ronja Sebastian met each other hanging upside down in an AcroYoga class in the Netherlands. Since then, they’ve had the pleasure of sharing time in Bali and Europe + endless skypes across many time zones and continents. They share a deep friendship as well as a deep love for the awesomeness of women, and a passion for igniting the unstoppable superwoman in each and every woman that they meet. 
“We feel deeply. We love deeply. We dance wildly. And create with joy, passion, and sexy flow.”
– Ronja Sebastian & Leonie Gabriella
Ronja Sebastian is the founder of the Sensual Yogini Academy and the Ecstatic Awakening Retreat. 

She has been on the path of awakening and embodiment 
since she was 17, and spent the last 14 years studying 
with Taoist and Tantric masters, including David Deida, 
Mantak Chia, Shashi Solluna, Ma Prem Sarita and Layla Martin...  

For the last 7 years, Ronja has been traveling the world and sharing courses, workshops and retreats in increasingly beautiful paradise locations. 

Her message: 
We are limitless beings. You are love. Everything is possible. 
Leonie Gabriella is the founder of SexyYOU 
and host of LeonieTV. 

Since 2012, she’s been traveling the globe non-stop, working as a passionate empowerment coach for women and a love & relationship coach together with her partner. 

In the last 3 years, Leonie has helped women share their passion with the world and generating their income online. 
Living a location-independent life has enabled her to spend her time between her homes in Europe and the Tropics.

She believes deeply in the healing power of pleasure and the radical impact of following your bliss. 
You are powerful. You're precious. You've got something incredibly valuable to share.
Now is your time.
So, what do you say? 
Are you ready to get clear on your mission and start making the difference you're meant to make? 

... in a way that feels aligned for you.
Join us for the Live Your Passion Challenge!
7 Days. April, 2018.
"Leonie's a marketing genius
I love her transparency, openness and dedication. 
I feel more empowered, relaxed, juicy and honest with myself and others."
- Tanja Zapolski, musician, Copenhagen
"When it comes to living a life true to your desires, manifesting and creating in alignment, these girls have it down!"
- Klemen Thomas, 
Men's Sexual Empowerment coach
"Trust me, if you want to take your life, your love and your energy to the next level:
Ronja’s your woman!"
– Janneke Robers, feminine embodiment teacher at De Kunst van het Vrouw-zijn/The Art of Femininity, NL
Your life is too precious 
to be spent not living your passion!
Let's do this together xoxo
Join the FREE Live Your Passion Challenge
7 Days. April, 2018.